Science Wins

Links to particular documents, articles, etc. that support the claim that science not only works, but works well.

Science follows the evidence. Rather than being stuck to obsolete and irrational dogma, science will accept the evidence (so long as it's robust), no matter what the data tells us.

  • Science defeats a rogue communion wafer.  Massive irony here.
  • Sean Carroll provides possibly the best answer I've yet heard to the question Why is there something rather than nothing? 
  • Did gait precede limbs? Conventional wisdom is that gait and limb structure evolved together, in a kind of symbiotic relationship.  That's because this is what the best available evidence suggested.  However, there is now evidence that perhaps gait developed before limb structure.
  • Scientists find one source of prayer's power.  And it's a social connection, not a godly one. This doesn't surprise me, really.  Doing things in groups often magnifies things.  Movies seen with like-minded groups are often better than those watched alone; dinners with friends are tastier than those eaten alone,....
  • Project Steve is a project of the National Center for Science Education (US) that enumerates the number of scientists named Steve who accept that evolution is a real thing.  It's a parody of various creationist and IDiot lists of scientists who question evolution.  Since only about 1% of scientists (presumably only in the US) are named Steve, then there's at least 100 times as many scientists who accept evolution as those listed in Project Steve.
  • Specific regions of the brain are responsible for the moral emotion of guilt. This supports the claim that morality based on brain function and not on some dualistic notion of "soul."
  • There is no question that science has had a huge impact on recognizing the simple fact of transgender people.  Read this article about (nearly) identical twins, and take note of how extensive the impact of science has been in recognizing that transgender people are just people, regardless of what religiously rooted traditions would say.
  • Here's a great piece by Sean Carroll showing in simple, accurate language why empiricism beats rationalism.  In other words, following the evidence is the best way to understand anything.
  • My blog post on why scientific consensus is different from, and better than, lay consensus.

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