One of the biggest problems facing rational thought and the general well-being of humanity is that so many people take religious texts literally.

Some argue that it is only a fringe element of extremists that are literalists.  But this isn't necessarily true.  This page will contain links that examine this issue.

  • Julian Baggini's 2011 survey shows that most christians surveyed are quite literal in their interpretations.  This is not a scientifically founded survey, so the results are not robust.  Still, as Baggini writes, the results are indicative.
  • PZ Myers reports (21 June 2013) on "Christian Domestic Discipline" which is a sick euphemism for the sexual assault of god-fearing women by their god-fearing spouses.
  • According to the Bible, Jesus said every commandment must be followed - or else.  So the question is, how many commandments are there, really?  Steve Wells is compiling a list. It looks like there could be hundreds of 'em.  It's quite funny, and sad too, to think of how intellectually impoverished the people were who could have come up with such absurd (and in many cases, hideous) commandments.
  • There's a group of wingnuts who denounce heliocentrism as wrong, based on the bible.
  • Literalists like Don McLeroy claim there were 500 witnesses to the miracles of Jesus but completely ignore the alleged millions of witnesses who are still alive today of the alleged miracles of Sathya Sai Baba.

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