24 September 2013

Faulty reasoning, faith, and belief

I've written a short note about faith, belief, knowledge, and trust on Google+ that describes how I take these four terms.  I think it's important to consider these four terms together to make sure that they are defined consistently with respect to one another.  Focusing exclusively only on any one of them opens one up to, I think, significant opportunity for reasoning errors.

02 September 2013

A great site about the Bible

I've often thought that what's really needed is some kind of collaborative platform specifically targeted at gathering the best possible arguments against theism of all sorts.  Yes, there's rationalwiki, but it deals with theism as a broader form of anti-science.  The point is to gather, in one place, all the best information there is.  I've found one such place that is surprisingly good - albeit still not complete: God Is Imaginary.

It's basically a reference guide to all kinds of arguments against the bible.  Naturally, this limits it to only certain kinds of theism, but it does cover a lot of ground.  It's a great reference source for humanists and atheists, but it's also sufficiently respectful that it might well be something we humanists should point to more often when we argue with theists.

I highly recommend God Is Imaginary.