17 May 2013

God and insanity

In a recent study, researchers have found that belief in an "angry god" correlates strongly with mental illness.  Of various types of gods that were studied, "[b]elief in a punitive God was positively associated with four psychiatric symptoms."  Indeed, belief in a benevolent god was negatively associated with those four symptoms.

This just reinforces my notion that it's not a question of theist versus atheist, but of nutjob versus rational person.  And that tells me that humanists need to work more with the so-called moderates. It's the nutjobs that are really causing all the trouble - theist and atheist alike.  It's up to us rational types to sort this out - clearly they cannot and likely would not.

Rational argumentation and civilized discussion will never work with the nutjobs, by definition.  We need to convince the moderates that the world will be a better place for everyone if we can properly marginalize - and hopefully institutionalize - the nutjobs.

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