12 July 2012

Ideals matter

I posted about the importance of ideology and ideals at my other blog.  I thought it made more sense to put it there since it regards issues broader than just atheist/humanist ones.

Still, it would be interesting to try to enumerate some of the ideals that are common to both atheists and theists.  I suspect, if the theists are moderate, it would be a long list.  It bothers me that the commonalities are rarely discussed.


  1. I think peace is a major idea that most people can agree on. By promoting peace, not only can we get rid of the bad "anti-moral" stereotype that atheists are portrayed with, but we as human beings could possibly find better solitions and easier compromises in the worlds problems.

    1. True. Peace is a good principle. The question becomes how one can overcome the visceral anger and hatred that so many people, theist and atheist, embody.

      I would suggest that education - not religious indoctrination - is an excellent way of promoting peace. That is, I propose that the more educated you are, ceteris paribus, the more likely you are to be "peaceful" in how you treat others.

      There's also a connection to "inner peace" reflecting peace one exhibits towards others. I propose that a good, well-rounded education helps with that too. Especially the skill of self-reflection.