26 November 2011

Afghan justice is no justice at all

Gulnaz was raped by her cousin's husband when she was 19.  She was impregnated and gave birth.  She was also imprisoned for adultery.  Now her choice is remain in prison for 12 years, or marry her rapist.

You can read more of Gulnaz's story - if you can stomach it - here.

This really makes me sick.  That a judge could sit in court and pronounce a girl guilty of adultery for having been raped is pretty much the definition of "evil."  That such a "justice" system exists based on a pathetic fairy tale is an insult to humanity.  Everyone who has acted against this poor woman should be locked up, including all the politicians who think that this way of running a society is anything more than a sick joke.

And Afghan law, if it permits this kind of revolting travesty, is also a sick joke.  There is no argument, no foundation on which anyone, let alone religious apologists, can justify such acts.

Please remember this if you ever try to justify tolerance for religions: those religions that you think are doing good in the world are actually at the root of the most vile political and judicial practises we have.  We must never accept any legal, judicial, or political system that is rooted in such lies and evil as we see here in Afghanistan.

There are plenty of good people in Afghanistan.  This isn't about them.

This is about the power-mongering, tiny-dicked assholes who think that irrational lies found in an old book are a reasonable way to run a country.  These sub-humans have, I think, forfeited all due process for their crimes.  If they honestly think that the kind of things done to Gulnaz are how a whole society should be run, then there's no room for them on this planet.  If they really believe that women are property, then they have abdicated every possible right to which they would be otherwise be entitled.  They should be locked away forever, and humanity would be only the better for it.

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