09 October 2011

Harold Camping's special kind of bullshit

I've already written one open letter to the ridiculous Harold Camping.  I repeat it here, because this guy is a particular kind of jack-ass that deserves the most vulgar and vile derision we can possibly heap upon him.

For those of you who don't know, Camping is the witless wonder who was surprised ("flabbergasted" was his word) when the world didn't start ending last May 21.  He's rejigged his "calculations" and now he gets October 21 as the universal expiration date.  Before his last deadline, I wrote the above-noted blog, offering Camping a deal, wherein basically I become his god's fuck-buddy if he's right, but if he's wrong he owes me everything he has in this world.

I'm not surprised he didn't reply.  He probably didn't even find out about it.

But my hope springs eternal.  And since we've got another few days, I can hope that this time someone brings my post to his attention and that he accepts my challenge.

However, I want to change the deal.  If he's right, I still promise to be his god's fuck-buddy for eternity.  This is a pretty strong deal for an atheist to make.  In return, however, Camping can keep his worldly possessions.  Instead, if I win the wager, Camping has to pucker up and kiss my bare atheist ass, on camera, which I will then post.

So, Camping, have you any balls at all?  Or are you just a stupid coward like all the other doomsday sayers throughout history?  I think you're a demented waste of life.  Prove me wrong.


  1. You know, as a member of the "Fool'd Ya" Business, you have to sit and laugh and agree that he really had them going. Good job Harold- you sure fooled them! ;)

    1. Perhaps one needs more than one doctorate to understand the philosophical argument here, but quite frankly, I have absolutely no idea what you're on about Pet.